Unfortunately now no further quoted teenage celebrities to talk about them and their provocation. If Miley Cyrus with her twerk, Rihanna is naked on Instagram or Rita Ora celebrating the most provocative, no one seems to stop them. The teen stars are not afraid to offend, to shock and even found in the challenge of getting the provocation being the youngest . But then, these stars are going too far, especially in a fairly conservative country like the U.S.? Parents of children begin to worry about the behaviors that do not support. Netmums a British site dedicated to moms, a study showing that parents fear the bad influence spilling over their children. In fact , of the 1,500 parents surveyed , 80 % say they have heard their children singing provocative lyrics without knowing its real meaning.

This challenge is also reflected in the costumes that these girls wear . They love hearing about themselves and their clothes are obviously short , necklines , scalloped , transparent … better. They want the paparazzi take pics of them, but also transmit images to the public to see if their style “original” . Each output preview , ride at night, so it is an opportunity to reveal the eccentricity of their wardrobe and ” sensuality” .

MTV EMA 2013 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus at MTV EMA 2013 © Miley Cyrus via Twitter

However, these girls are minor, some are still under the responsibility of Mom and Dad. However, it is more to dress sexy , even more sexy. More importantly, these young adolescents tend to dress like getting younger . While only a few years ago , Miley Cyrus was still this brunette Hannah Montana with her western look and comforters. Currently shown with low necklines, fishnet stockings, tight bodies as the one dressed in the night of the MTV European Music Awards. Let us also remember the famous photo shoot in collaboration with photographer Terry Richardson. The photographs in question, even bordering on pornography. You can see the singer topless and wearing only a mesh that barely covers her intimacy.

Demi Lovato Cosmopolitain

Demi Lovato Cosmopolitan © Cosmopolitan

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez , two other Disney stars , do not hesitate to dress sexy. The first had also been voted “the sexiest teen … 2010 ! ” Obviously, as beauty is not gone too much and loves to post pictures of her frequent enough in social networks. The Muse of Adidas, Selena Gomez has the same principles, the teenager likes to provoke. She wore a cleavage in the November 7 launch party in Hollywood  of Flaunt Magazine . It is a magazine for which she also posed in a very sensual session . Her dress is very suggestive signed Cushnie et Ochs , who was accompanied by a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes in tip . A totally dark and sexy.

Selena Gomez à la une de Faunt

Selena Gomez on the cover of Faunt © Faunt

In young stars, there is also the category of ” son / daughter” . This is for example the case of Lily Collins, a young woman of 24 years and daughter of Phil Collins. During the night, the beautiful actress has appeared in a light and slim straps satin dress, which looks more like a nightgown evening dress. Meanwhile, the actress Dakota Fanning is starting to show that the top of her 16 years, is no longer a smart girl. The beautiful blonde has shared the stage for “The Runaways ” with Kristen Stewart and revealed her sexy side. As one of his characters smoke and drink , it seems that wearing a sexy lingerie set. Even if it is the effects of the film, the actress angelic melodies were taken quickly … Now seems like a sexy young woman degraded only 16 years. But all these celebrities, are they really ready to pick the image that will continue in spite of themselves ? We think so , because they love to play with this, and with their audience.