The hairstyle of Vanessa Paradis is a problem. Since her first appearance, we  try to advise so she can improve it. But it seems that she does not follow our advice.

It is unfortunate for her and for us who love this star as usual glamor. There, her hair ruins everything . This was the case at the Victoires de la Musique. However, Vanessa Paradis has dedication. She wore a very sexy black dress with naked back . Her dress was also broadly divided into the right leg.

But this effect was spoiled by her hairstyle. Unlike the first photos that have circulated on social media, her hair was frizzy and had a coloring. Despite this, the haircut does not fit at all. It was as if she was wearing a wig. The interpreter Pourtant , Joe Le Taxi and Love Song will have to be patient to see her hair back over and find the glamorous hairstyle that will suit you admirably.

Despite their concerns capillaries, the night was good for Vanessa Paradis. She won the Victoria female artist of the year and play La Chanson Des Vieux Cons with Benjamin Biolay. Rumors are echoes of a relationship between this two singers, then we can say they had a nice night for Valentine gifts.

Photos of her usual hairstyle

Usually Vanessa Paradis has a nice hairstyle. Beautiful long wavy hair :

Vanessa Paradis © Chanel via Twitter

Vanessa Paradis  for the exposition Chanel in 2013 © Chanel via Twitter

Vanessa Paradis Chanel 2013

Vanessa Paradis  at the Fashion Week a Paris © Chanel

Photos of Vanessa Paradis with short hair

Apparently, in the beginning of 2014 with a good cut of much less beautiful hair :

Vanessa Paradis cheveux courts 2014

Vanessa Paradis  last january © sohairobsessed via Instagram

Vanessa Paradis coiffure aux Victoires de la Musique 2014

Vanessa Paradis at the Victoires de la Musique 2014 © capture France 2