We offer a selection of 10 French fashion blogs inevitable for 2013. This ranking hasn’t  been  easy since established between blogs “the look of the day”, the current fashion and those who are more focused on the reflections of link to fashion.

With bloggers influencing brands so approach them and not lose visibility goings news, the French fashion blogosphere is so big that it’s hard to keep track of everything. No miss the best to discover for our top 10 fashion blogs.

10/ Lauraoupas – Laura

If the next blogs in this list has a lot of old, we started the list with a fashion blog that is only one year. We had the opportunity to interview Laura to launch So-Trendy.fr,months later, he confirms all the good we think of your blog. LauraOuPas is part of blogs to follow in 2013.


© Laura

blog mode Laura

© Laura

Go to blog Laura Ou Pas : http://www.lauraoupas.com/

9/ La Revue De Kenza – Kenza Sadoun El Glaoui

When speaking of influential blogs, La Revue De Kenza is necessarily in the list. Outfits of the day, events, collaborations, magazines, web … Kenza enter the world of fashion through her blog and always with the smile.

Kenza blog mode 2013

© Kenza

Kenza style mode

© Kenza

Access the blog of  KenzaMG : http://kenzasmg.blogspot.fr/

8/ Le Blog De Big Beauty – Stéphanie Zwicky

If the phenomenon of fashion blogs is so popular among Internet users, it is because these women are not just there to use size 36 with perfect makeup and will be retouched if there is a fault. These are women who are like us. A great help to find clothing worn by models with different morphologies. Stephanie Zwicky has become Round blogger, but you have to look beyond the waist as she says: “Style is not the size but the attitude.” And she has style!

Access to the blog of Stéphanie : http://www.leblogdebigbeauty.com/

7/ LeBlogDeBetty – Betty

Inevitable is the Blog De Betty is certainly one which offers the most different looks. The audience for this blog is very important and allows a woman to have an amazing dressing that many women dream of having. And Betty can call everyday looks are original inspiration to his many readers.

Betty le blog de betty

© Betty

© Betty

© Betty

Go to the blog of Betty : http://www.leblogdebetty.com/

6/ Miss Pandora – Louise Ebel

Pandora, as Alix (see below), has a particular style that contrasts with most fashion bloggers and has made her succeed. Inspired by the ’70s, has created her own universe and has shared with her readers. While many blogs are in the form of travel to all corners of our planet round, Louise takes us back in time. Fascinated by history, offering stories of the past, gives the old photographs or paintings that show us another way and opens the mind to a culture she loves.

Go to the MissPandora blog : http://www.misspandora.fr/

5/ Garance Doré

If Betty is the one that offers the most everyday looks, Garance Doré is the way most prolific bloggers. She publishes a lot and allows all readers to obtain information about fashion, about her or trends (fashion, home, illustrations, …). Unfortunately, however, just a little often just a simple photo mounts, without comment. Of course, this leaves readers the opportunity to make their own opinion on an image as an art lover in front of a canvas, but the details would not hurt.

Go to blog of Garance Doré : http://www.garancedore.fr/

4/ The Cherry Blossom Girl – Alix

A feminine and magical universe, Alix of The Cherry Blossom Girl blog takes us through the looks that develops talent. Her style is present in every one of her suits of clothes for particular patterns (dots, flowers, cherry, cat, heart, ….) and charming accessories (headband Mini, knee socks, …).

Access to  The Cherry Blossom Girl : http://www.thecherryblossomgirl.com/

3/ Café Mode – Géraldine Dormoy

Although in fact that Café Mode depends on the portal L’Express, Geraldine Dormoy written as a personal blog. Its small reflections on the world of fashion (the Made in Bangladesh), their reports (expo Chanel No. 5, of the store and other stories), communication meetings (Fashion Week, Cannes Film Festival ) and designers, all with the passion for fashion and happiness can be found in this blog.

Go to Café Mode : http://blogs.lexpress.fr/styles/cafe-mode/

2/ Etpourquoipascoline – Coline

Making the journey that Coline makes up the Zeniths, we find the humor and vitality almost daily on the blog Et Pourquoi Pas Coline. She is regularly featured videos in beauty, but her blog is mostly a place where she reveals her appearance the day. Its shoots are unique because invents original poses, often with a charming smile in the parking lot.


© Coline

Unlike other bloggers, the girl with tattoos does not focus on post images, she writes a few lines with a good sense of humor and lightness that is good for a bloggeer already known. A strong personality that comes through in this blog invites us to travel with the latest beautiful pictures of your stay in Jordan and Kenya.

Go to the blog of Coline : http://www.etpourquoipascoline.fr/

1/ Balibulle – Charlotte Moreau

Balibulle is the personal blog of Charlotte Moreau, journalist Parisien / Aujourd’hui En France holds a Masters in Journalism. On paper she’s not kidding, and the network that makes a great fashion blog! Besides its beauty, it sharpens the pen with humor about events or communication trends of people.

In good culture of journalist, regularly outside the fashion world to offer their comments on TV shows, new movies or albums you love. But Balibulle.com is a blog about fashion and reflections on Charlotte in this universe and her criticism of the red carpet is a must!

Go to blog Balibulle : http://www.balibulle.com/

Feel free to share in comments the influential blogs and your favorite blogs.