While images from magazines and lookbooks are often retouched, the top models can not always hide behind software. Many supermodels have parading in underwear brand Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on , then they should be in the form as it should be. The brands usually require that their models are skinny as Kylie Bisutti reported. Sure, some are prepared specifically for this event by planning a weight loss be sharp for the big day. But beyond this small adjustment, these young women are often very thin and not representative of the general morphology .

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 Miranda Alessandra Adriana Doutzen et Candice Swanepoel

The Angels of  Victoria’s Secret  at the Fashion Show of 2012 © Victoria’s Secret

For the 1.78 m, 51 kg of Alessandra Ambrosio make it one of the thinnest supermodels. Delicious Emily Ratajkowski, now famous for her breasts, substantially shares the same weight 52 kg but is smaller, with its 71 meter . Lara Stone is also very well served in 85E chest with her, but she is far from fat. Instead of its 60 kg for 78 meters shows that the Dutch model is thin.

Lara Stone nude boobs

© Lara Stone via Instagram

Few models that reach 60 kg . Most supermodels are between 1m70 and 1m80 and weigh fifty kilos. Issue 1, Gisele Bündchen is 57 kg per 1 meter 80 . A lightweight body for this mother of two children, aged 33 , whostill retains the line! Jourdan Dunn weighs about the same weight for the same size and yet teams Dior having found too many ways , including breast . This outrageous decision was taken during Fashion Week in July.

As for Kate Moss celebrating her 40th anniversary in the coming days, hard to know the exact weight but keep about 55 kg when you pay attention and when she is relax. Since its inception, when it was known as the Pajilla , she gained weight and this is normal. The english woman is no longer 16 years old and has, of course , a little tummy. When she posed nude , took designers who use and abuse of Photoshop to maintain the illusion that it is in good shape .

Kate Moss cheveux dans le vent, rock !

Kate Moss © David M. Benett

List of known models with the weight of their body :