Have a face dressed in all circumstances, whether in or out of bed after the gym workout, this is the dream for all women. However, this is possible thanks to permanent makeup that allows a flawless makeup at any time. Focus on description and use of this method.

What is permanent makeup?

It is a technique of pigmented skin with a tattoo to give the impression of wearing makeup made with cosmetics. Pigmentation remains on the skin for many years, specifically between 2 and 3 years. This period can vary depending on several parameters such as exposure to sunlight, the color pigmentation and lifestyle. By exfoliating the skin gradually eliminates color to clear them. It is always possible to add a classic makeup over. Permanent makeup is however very natural.

The technique

Permanent makeup is made with fine needles containing pigments designed specifically for dermopigmentation in the dermis of the skin. These synthetic or mineral pigments do not penetrate deep into the dermis but remain on the top of the tattooed area, the top of the blood vessels of the skin.

What can make up permanently?

This type of makeup is most often applied to the eyebrows to redraw those sparse. It also allows contouring the lips or eyeliner on the eyelids to enhance the look. Permanent makeup can also help hide scars or cover imèrfections.