Male and female style is the fact of adopting an androgynous look ( mixing menswear and women ) to stand out and have an elegant and original style. Here is a selection of friendly advice to help you take the masculine feminine style without making a fashion faux pax and still be comfortable :

Maintain a basis for female clothes

Having a slightly masculine style certainly does not mean the use of too big clothes! And should avoid going to steal your boyfriend cabinet or brothers and choose to own this well adapted and transformed by combinations of colors and clothing accessories. Obviously, if you want to choose to keep “total smoking” , it is possible to obtain female models no problem too big not wear suits your father.

The best ideas for a sexy male female look

To make one female sweat , nothing better to combine it with some black leggings and heels .

For men and women everyday look , opt for a long black jacket. Complement with a white shirt and shoes. Little glamorous detail: roll up to reveal her forearm and wristbands.

Gwyneth Paltrow sexy chic Hugo Boss Fashion Week 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow © Gwyneth Paltrow via Instagram

The suit jacket is preferred for a glamorous look and masculine accessory, the advantage is that it is a very structured jacket to mark the waist. Wearing a t-shirt under ultra discreet to take care neckline and preferably use earrings and a big necklace to highlight the chest.

© Jennifer Lawrence via Facebook

© Jennifer Lawrence via Facebook

Ultra glamorous accessories and a hairstyle with hairspray

If kept in rather masculine cut is adopted, do not be afraid to take some time with large bold accessories. Torres huge neck , crazy bracelets that jingle with every move made​​, big earrings (like the feathers that give a touch of lightness to the whole). In the composition, try to be very natural on the eyes, but do not hesitate to leave red lipstick to highlight the mouth and have an elegant and glamorous look.

Hair up and the plate is soft in the head to remove all the volume ! The idea is to give the illusion that you have short hair looks from the front , however , opt for a ponytail or bun ultra feminine down to streamline the silhouette of the back!