Camille Rowe is the French model of the moment ! This pretty blonde with perfect measurements is well recognized in parades , but has only reached an important milestone in her career, is now part of the team of supermodel of Victoria’s Secret! From his 22 years , a new part of his life as we know it starts well , join the famous lingerie brand opens up considerableopportunities for later!

A new campaign for the next collection of Victoria’s Secret

And this is the beautiful Camille Rowe is revealed in the opening shots of the photo shoot for Victoria ‘s Secret. A session on all the poetry and romance of black and white and languid poses taken by Camille Rowe, exhibiting a harmonious blend of bikini models in the perfect silhouette of young French .

camille rowe mannequin victoria s secret-thumb

© Camille Rowe via Twitter

A touch of French elegance to bring to class clothing sexy Victoria ‘s Secret, here is the winning choice with this brand this new French recruit.

Des débuts chez les plus grandes marquesDebut in most major brands

Camille Rowe began as the face of Zadig and Voltaire in 2012 and has lent her perfect swimwear collection 2013 Seafolly body. Finally , the smooth side of Camille Rowe with features found in the promotional campaign of the Chloé fragrance!

!But beauty has already posed for Louis Vuitton and stronger still , it is she who has the opposite Robert Pattinson for the last clip for Dior fragrance for men ! We embrace the beautiful Camille Rowe actress, where she observed while takinga bath! A feast for the eyes! Watch video below!

Waiting to see if Camille Rowe steps on the podium of the famous Fashion Show of Victoria ‘s Secret in November , we appreciate this new campaign that will quickly go out on screen and in the cities.