What can be going through the mind of Miranda Kerr? The model of 30 years will be going through an existential crisis? It seems that the return of magazine covers with the new H & M campaign is the best effect on women ! Not only published pictures of her almost naked on her instagram account but also involves your family in a reality show !

Is that Miranda Kerr needs  to be recognized as high valued?

Since the beautiful is no longer part of the angels of Victoria ‘s Secret, has it been  need to attract attention to it through other ways? And that post a selfie with black wonderbra and a stuffed tiger on the shoulder, is the solution? That she accompany this cliché with more provocation accompanied by a legend is even stranger ” Grrrr …. ” Would it be to launch a call : Look ? Since her breakup with Orlando Bloom , the beautiful may feel alone and may require a male presence ,which would explain this seductive cliché !

miranda kerr presque nue

© Miranda Kerr via instagram

A very strange behavior for the beautiful model has triumphed despite all unused poses nude on the social networks . Perhaps this is, just a touch of humor that has been misinterpreted ? However, this is not the first time that arises very sexy way , her photo shoot with Terry Richardsonand had been talking about it !

But in any case, why continue developing sending film crews family every day in Australia and that she misses terribly? While we expect to see some pictures of this new Family Confidential program, wish wholeheartedly that Miranda Kerr to focus on their advertising contracts, including the new collection for H & M , and then see only pictures where she dresses withstyle and elegance!